Tahir Shah Releases New Internet-Breaking ‘Angel’ Music Video

Tahir Shah. The man. The mystique. The one who brought Pakistanis a veritable hit with ‘Eye to Eye.’

And for a song that was loaded with an unbeatable combo of lol-worthy visuals and even tummy-ache inducing lyrics, Tahir Shah basically became the de-facto music maestro for the social media generation.

His fans (and detractors), which he has many, has had one question on their minds. Will Tahir Shah ever return with another chart-topper of an earworm?
It seems that the time of the reckoning is at hand. Behold this tweet that is another breaking-the-internet act in the making.
Yes. He is back. And he’s ready to take on the Qandeels and Amir Liaquats that have thrived in his absence.

It is the man himself.

So when is he dropping his new tune?