iPhone 13 Series Released: Comment on the Highlights of iPhone 13

At the just-concluded Apple Autumn New Product Conference, the iPhone 13 series, iPad mini, iPad, Apple Watch Series7 and other products were unveiled one after another. The iPhone 13 series is still the focus of attention of many people. Next, let’s take a look at the highlights of the iPhone 13 series.

The strongest A15 chip in history

This year, all iPhone 13 series are equipped with A15 bionic chip as standard. In terms of performance, it has been greatly improved compared to the A14, which is also a 5nm process, and it can be called the strongest mobile phone chip in Apple’s history.

Specifically, the iPhone 13 series uses a six-core A15 mobile chipset with a 5nm process technology and 15 billion transistors. The chip consists of 2 high-performance + 4 energy-saving CPUs and has a computing power of 15.8TOPS. The chipset can provide twice the system cache, the computing performance of the chip is increased by 50% compared to the A14, and the image rendering capability is increased by 30%.

120Hz adaptive screen refresh rate

One of the biggest highlights of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max released this time is that the screen supports a adaptive screen refresh rate of up to 120Hz (ProMotion). The screen can adjust the screen refresh rate according to the displayed content to save power. But not all series of mobile phones are equipped with high brushes as standard. The iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 maintain a 60Hz refresh rate, the screen resolution has reached the Super Retina XDR level, and the highest peak brightness of HDR can reach 1200 nits.

Cinematic mode with smart focus

Many manufacturers understand the mobile phone Cinematic mode as built-in lut and output Log mode, but Apple’s entry point is how to create a real sense of film shooting atmosphere and spatial hierarchy. The Cinematic mode launched by the iPhone 13 series this time supports Dolby Vision HDR shooting and has an advanced smart focus system. When video is recorded, the focus will bite into the subject, forming a very natural depth of field effect and enabling smart focus switching. With the powerful computing power of the A15 Bionic, users can also adjust the focus and focus in the later stage of the film.

Samsung : Galaxy Z Flip’s design story is one of fashion and hinge design innovation

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the company’s second foldable phone and it’s quite different from the first (the Galaxy Fold). This made it necessary for Samsung to completely rethink the design – here’s the abridged story of how the Z Flip came to be the way it is.

The core design principle of the Galaxy Fold was to bring a larger screen than was previously possible. The Flip went in the exact opposite direction, making a compact, stylish design the priority.

Samsung went through design iterations,trying to find the perfect size that allows for comfortable grip – the phone had to easily fit into users’ palms and pockets.

While the Galaxy Fold was geek chic, the company wanted to add “a fashionable touch to users’ lives” with the Z Flip. So it tapped Thom Browne to create a custom version with a pebble gray exterior marked by the signature colors of the New York fashion brand.

Like in the good old days, when the phone is closed you rely on the small external screen to check the time, battery level and any notifications. This display is tiny, but it can still be used to shoot selfies with the main camera if you are determined to do so.

While researching hinge designs for the Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung stumbled at a new way to use a foldable phone. The Hideaway Hinge is built in a way that allows it to keep the phone bent at any angle.

Users place the phone on a flat surface and tilt the top half an any angle that’s convenient – this can be used for video calls, watching video or even just angling the front camera just right for a group selfie.

Samsung sees this ability of the Galaxy Z Flip to be its own kickstand as a game changer. Going forward, the company will “continue exploring ways to enrich the Galaxy Z lineup” and create new experiences based on foldable designs .

Advice For Starting A Freelance Business

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Are you thinking about starting a freelance business? More and more people are switching the 9-5 to start their own freelance hustles, and doing so can bring many benefits. Plus technology has made it easier than ever for people with a range of skills to become self-employed. There are several reasons to start a freelance business, including being in control of your own profession, greater work-life balance and unlimited earning potential, but this is also a challenging way of working and one which many people struggle with. Here are a few pieces of advice which should help you to enjoy the benefits of being a freelancer.

Be Strict With Yourself

If you are to succeed as a freelancer, then you need to be strict with yourself and have an excellent work ethic. Ultimately, you are your own boss, and you will not be earning when you are not working, which means that you need to be willing to put the work in each day. It is helpful to keep a routine so that you get used to working at the same time each day. By following a routine, it is also easy to stay in touch with clients.

Have An Efficient Accounting System In Place

One of the biggest challenges, when you become a freelance worker, is that you need to handle all aspects of the business, including accounting. You need to have an efficient system in place from the very start which would accept payments QuickBooks online so that you can keep your records current and accurate at all times. It will help with the daily running of the business while also ensuring that it is easier to file your tax return each year.

Network Constantly

In order to find success, you must develop an extensive network of professional contacts. This can be challenging, particularly at the start, but you can use the internet to connect with people from your industry and attend industry events to get your name out there. Additionally, you need to make sure that you have a professionally-designed website that clearly outlines your background, skillset, and experience to promote your services. 

Avoid Burnout

As previously mentioned, you need a strong work ethic because you are not earning when you are not working. At the same time, however, you must also make sure that you do not overdo it as this can lead to burnout. Make sure that you have time scheduled where you are not working throughout the week and take regular breaks to avoid burnout because this could ultimately cost you a lot more.

Separate Personal & Professional Life

One of the biggest challenges that freelancers have is separating their personal and professional life. In addition to creating separate bank accounts and forming an entity for your business, this also means not being distracted by your personal life when you are working and vice versa. You can create a clear separation with a strict routine where you start and finish at roughly the same time each day.

Starting a freelance business can be both exciting and daunting, but these tips should help you to find some success and enjoy the benefits that this way of working can bring.