Sencor BP Moniter SBD-1470 Description

Sencor BP Moniter SBD-1470 

For easy measurement in domestic conditions
Measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate
Graphic display of increased blood pressure values (mild / medium / heavy hypertension)
Cardiac arrhythmia warning indicator
Adjustable pressure cuff diameter of 13.5 – 19.5 cm
Large LCD display (31 x 44 mm)
Memory for up to 60 measurements (for 1 user) including a recording of the date and time of measurement
Battery powered (2x AAA)
Automatic inflation and air release of the cuff
Oscillometric measurement method
Measurement range: pressure 0 – 300 mmHG, pulse 40 – 199 pulses/min.
Measurement accuracy: +/- 3 mmHG, pulse +/- 5 %
Option to select measuring units (mmHG or kPa)
Warning indicator of shaken wrist during measurement
Low battery indicator
Automatic error diagnostics shown on the LCD display
Automatic shut-off when idle (after 1 minute)
Records saved in memory even after battery replacement
Included contents: 2x AAA batteries
Dimensions without the cuff (width x depth x height): 68 x 75 x 31 mm
Weight: 106 g (without batteries)


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