MamyPoko Pants Imported – XL – 12+1pcs – Extra Dry Skin – 12-17 kg


Original price was: ₨ 1,395.Current price is: ₨ 1,295.

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About MamyPoko

The innovators of one of the first Pant Style Diapers and also believers in creating a healthy environment for your babies using premium Japanese technology.

Why MamyPoko?

For those looking for a reliable diaper brand, which suits every budget, MamyPoko, one of the first pant style diaper is packed with revolutionary Japanese technology.

Who’s Poko-Chan?

Your baby’s best friend who helps him and keeps an eye on him while supporting his growth and makes sure your baby is safe at all times, that is Poko-Chan for you.


MamyPoko as a brand is every mother’s first choice when it comes to diapers for her baby. Voted ‘Product of the Year’ by Consumer Survey of Product Innovation in 2017, it is MamyPoko’s constant endeavor to deliver only the best.


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