A2 Robot



A2 Robot

A2 Robot is an extreme learning experience and offers a
world of possibilities. The robot is equipped with
Ultrasonic sensors, Infra-red array and Wheel encoders
as primary sensing units. Two independently driver
wheels provide differential steering to the robot. On top
of these, it is equipped with Arduino Mega for easy C++
style programming and Bluetooth module to control the
robot even from a smart phone.


Technical Specifications
> Controller                                 Arduino Mega (C++ style programming, USB interface to upload the programs to the controller
> Drive                                         Independently driven motors to control the rear wheels
> Encoders                                  Measure count of rotations of both the rear wheels
> Environmental Sensors        Ultrasonic sensors placed at front, right and left of the robot to sense the obstacles around the robot
> Wireless Communication     Bluetooth module for wirelessly control the robot
> Wired Communication         USB Cable for uploading the programs to Arduino Mega
> Battery                                      7.4 V rechargeable battery
> Charger                                    9 V charger for onboard charging


Unit Price
Quantity                  Price per A2 Robot
1-4                            Rs. 28,000/-
5-9                            Rs. 26,500/-
10+                           Please contact us


Terms and Conditions
The prices are valid for the Robot only. Taxes, if any, will be additional. Robots will be delivered within one week of payment.

A2 Robots are delivered after through Quality Assurance testing and it is highly unlikely of a
component failure. However, in case of an unanticipated malfunctioning observed within 7 days
of delivery, the robot will be repaired/replaced without any additional cost.

Please note that there is absolutely no warranty of batteries and charger. The warranty is also
void if any component is damaged due to mishandling, moisture, attempt to remove/modify/add
a component, using improper power supply and/or short-circuiting.

After Sale Service
We provide all kind of components for A2 Robot. Please contact us for details.



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